Active thinking: thoughts which arise when you let your mind go empty and fallow.

Reactive thinking: you must read or expose yourself to external stimuli in order to think.

When do your thoughts come to you?

Active thinking: happens when you go on long and pointless walks, when working out at the gym (no headphones or music), when taking a shower or in the sauna, or when you let your mind wander or get bored.

Reactive thinking: always checking email, reading news, social media, etc. Inability to let yourself get bored and “do nothing”.

Do reactive thoughts have any merit?

I believe we need more active thinking. Perhaps these thoughts are more unique, higher quality, and contain more depth or profundity. Perhaps only active thoughts have true merit.

Reactive thinking: mostly a rehash of other (unoriginal) ideas.


Long story short, follow your own gut, obey your own taste, and cultivate yourself. Cultivate your own culture into yourself, and propagate it with others.

Share your ideas, art works, etc.

Thrive on!