To me, entrepreneurship is applied philosophy to reality. To become an entrepreneur takes 10000x more guts than to be a thinker and philosopher. Why? As an entrepreneur you are tied to reality (skin in the game, via Nassim Taleb). You’re a modern day hero. You’re taking on personal sacrifices and risks to better humanity and the collective.

Where should the profit motive fit?

How much do you care?

My simple theory in life:

Only do things which you deeply care about.

The world is big enough and has enough people to do other things. It is your imperative and necessity to focus on what is essential to you. Let everything else fall to the wayside.

Do you really need profits?

Why do you need money or profits? Money and profits aren’t an end unto themselves. Money is simply a tool to create, build, or make something.

So what do you desire to make, build, or create? And why? And how much money do you really need?

My honest appraisal is you don’t need much money. Thinking about money is a lazy way of thinking. It takes far more skill to be resourceful. It is also more fun and interesting!

Let us not try to buy the solutions to our problems. True innovation and entrepreneurship comes from a deep desire to see something new and better manifest in the world. And money isn’t the roadblock; it is our time, focus and energy which is the throttling point.

What’s your true purpose in entrepreneurship?

I believe the true entrepreneur is a true artist, with enough tenacity and audacity to create what he/she desires to see manifest in the world.

Long story short,

Attempt great tasks which you truly care for.