Photography motivation tips

Some ideas on walking more and shooting more:

1. One camera, one lens.

One camera, one lens. Or just shoot with your phone.

Too much equipment is heavier and restricts your movement. The less gear, the better.

More equipment, more problems.

2. Walk while shooting photos

Don’t stop and shoot. Keep walking, and keep shooting while walking!

3. Small JPEG

Shoot your jpeg files small or medium. Having smaller camera sizes is beneficial, because you can walk more, explore more, and shoot more without worrying about how much space you got in your SD card. Also smaller file sizes will speed up your photography workflow.

More megapixels, more problems.

4. Monochrome bliss

Simplify your photographic life by just shooting monochrome. I find black and white is like “augmented reality”— the world looks more interesting in black and white.

Shoot more monochrome >

5. Share less, shoot more!

A big tip:

Don’t feel pressured to always share your works. In fact, shoot for fun, and keep most of your stuff offline!

No external pressure to shoot, all internal!