Visual Philosophy

The primary question of visual philosophy:

What is the worth of an image. And why are visual art works important?

Why visual art?

It seems in today’s world with smartphones and screens, visual trumps all.

We are addicted to images. Why? Visual communication is far more primal than reading, and we can “read” images far faster than we can read text.

This is exciting. It means we have so many new opportunities as visual artists!

How do images make you feel?

My notion of a good image is an image which strengthens, simplifies, and motivates you to live more, move more, and make more of your own artwork!

Photographs are all subjective

Even though the camera is accurate an image-capturing tool, it never tells the full “truth”.

All photographs are subjective. The purpose of photos isn’t to tell the truth. The purpose of photos is to communicate a message or feeling.

Why I love visual artwork

To me, visual imagery is endlessly fascinating. Just as soon as I think I’ve “got” it— I realize there is still so much to learn.

Thus, trying to figure out what makes good compositions, and what makes an image move you — this is my endless quest.

What do you desire your viewers to get from your images?

If you’re sharing your photos with others, ask yourself:

What do you want your viewers to take away from your images?

Do you want your viewers to discover more beauty and inspiration from your images? Do you want your viewers to praise you? Do you care if you’re praised or not?

How many people do you desire to consume your images? Who is your ideal audience? Do you want 100 viewers, 1,000 viewers, 10,000 viewers, 100,000 viewers, a million viewers, or more?

This is something you must determine for yourself.