The bitter in life is better than the sweet.

Bitter coffee as superior to sweet coffee.

Bitter experiences toughen you.

Of course, we should still strive towards the “bitter-sweet”— we need BOTH the bitter and the sweet in life in order to thrive, discover more gratitude in life, and have more power.

Why I’m anti-sugar

It is evident that sugar is a leading cause to diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity, and all of these other health ills. Also it leads to dementia and Alzheimer’s (some people how diagnose Alzheimer’s as ‘type 3 diabetes’).

You don’t need to consume sugar to survive. I haven’t consciously eaten sugar the last 6 years, and I’m fine. I eat mostly eggs, meats, and bitter herbs. I’m in excellent physical and mental shape, and I’ve been insanely productive.

Sugar and sweet things weaken us. What strengthens us? Bigger things! Bitter coffee (all black cold brew), bitter herbs, and we all know that bitter medicines heal us the best.

Do you desire a life devoid of pain, difficulty, and suffering?

I think not. Difficulties are what strengthen us, build our character, and gives us meaning in order to live our lives!

I probably appreciate the bitter and dark/difficult times in my life in order to empower myself. In fact, my scars are what made me who I am today. I’m stronger after the scars (post traumatic gain).

The sweetness of tragedy

I love tragic films. Why? You can only become optimistic ad positive if there is tragedy. Once again, beauty cannot exist without the ugly, and joy cannot exist without tragedy and misery.

A wider dynamic range of human experiences

Nietzsche had the idea:

In order for a man to become more good, he must also become more evil.

The notion is fascinating.

If you desire to gain more pleasure from food, you must fast more. To enjoy bodily health, you must also get sick. We need all the opposites and antipodes in life.

The sweetness of wealth is only appreciate after the bitterness of poverty. And vice versa.

We all know that the funniest comedians are also the deepest and darkest. And the most “confident” people on the outside are often the most insecure.