How to Never Run Out of Inspiration and Motivation for Photography

The secret: child’s mind (beginner’s mind) in photography.

Do you see more opportunities or limits?

The problem of achieving “mastery”in photography:

No perceived areas of growth.

This leads to stagnation, creative depression, and lack of childlike delight of the magic of photography.

How to regain your childlike appreciation and delight in photography

I say just shoot with an iPhone. Use a simple camera app like HUJI CAM.

Don’t censor yourself. Photograph anything which interests you!

Also — delete Instagram, and start your own website and blog instead!

You’re a visual artist, not just a photographer

This has also helped me:

Don’t constrain yourself to photography. Indulge in all forms of visual art!

For example, I love to remix my old photos using Procreate. I have also enjoyed experimenting with new compositions via calligraphy (Zen Brush 2 app).


Another big tip: don’t strive for perfection in your photography.

Let us assume you did in fact achieve perfection in photography. This would be hell. This means you lose all ambition to create new photos, because you’ve already discovered all the secrets!

We must have the never ending belief that there will ALWAYS be hidden secrets in photography we will one day discover!

Shoot all-day, everyday.

I think photography should be as essential to us as breathing or eating.

Do you ever go an entire day without eating food, drinking water, or drinking coffee? Hell no! Then why go a single day without making photos?

For the ultimate frictionless camera, shoot with iPhone or RICOH GR.

The joy of collages and mosaics

Huge tip:

On your blog, use the “tiled gallery” feature to collage your photos beautifully!

Make animated GIF images

I’ve been making animated GIF files via Procreate and the “export layers to GIF” feature. To me, it is a hugely interesting and fun way to experience my images!

Conclusion: the Art of Unlearning

Start to unlearn everything you’ve learned in photography (unraveling), and begin photography anew (tabula rasa, blank slate).

And don’t forget to smile and have fun :)