Low Brightness

An experiment —

Try using your phone and devices at the lowest brightness setting for the entire day — and use this as an opportunity to experiment with UI-UX usability, to better judge images and compositions, to improve battery life, and also to spend less mindless time on the phone.

Benefits on keeping your phone low brightness

  1. When shooting photos on your phone during the day, it is more challenging which forces you to simplify your compositions.
  2. When your phone is lower brightness, it distracts you less. Also fewer thoughts on upgrading your phone (the thought that the newer phone has a better, brighter, sharper screen).
  3. Insanely improved battery life: You can use your phone all day at minimum brightness, and never run out of battery. This is more convenient than carrying around a superfluous charger or battery pack.
  4. The world looks more interesting than your phone — less of a “twitch” urge to check your phone. Also when it is bright daylight and you cannot use your phone (because you can’t see anything)— you’re forced to look around.