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Do You Find Things or People as More Beautiful?

A strange thing I’ve noticed:

Many people are more interested in things, objects, fashion-totems, cars, clothes, etc than being interested in other people.

For example– if you’re a (heterosexual) man, what do you find more attractive– a Porsche car or a beautiful woman? Are you more impressed by Rolex watches or human muscles? Are you more impressed with fashion clothing-items, or the actual human individual wearing it?

Why I’d rather build my own body than buy a ‘muscle car’

Let us assume that a good sports car is around $30-$200k. What would you prefer to have– a super-epic sports car, or a super-muscular and epic body?

I would choose the epic body.

The great thing about building your own body is this:

Your body is always with you, you are your body, and you are always looking at your own body.

You will look at your own body when looking in the mirror, when you’re shooting selfies, etc.

I would rather admire me looking great naked in the mirror and flex my muscles to impress myself, than to ‘flex’ to others by owning fancy jewelry, car, devices, cameras, or objects.

And also another note:

How much meat can you purchase with $30-200k?

That is a lot of meat– meat you can use to build up your body.

Furthermore, if you vowed to NOT own a car, and invest in your own body instead– this means that you will save a LOT of money, and you will have to work less. Which means, you have more free time to go to the gym, exercise, and also do more interesting activities for your mind and creative endeavors.

Design-objects as a reflection of human beauty

It is interesting– if you hear the language in which people use to describe design-objects, they will use words which relate to the human body.

For example, loving the ‘curves’ of a sexy sports car (Porsche).

Or– the ‘muscular’ front-end of a ‘muscle car’.

Or, the hourglass design of a vase (mimics the curves of a woman’s body).

And also it seems that when it comes to fancy cars, watches, clothes, etc– it is less about having the object-in-itself, but rather as a means to ‘flex’ your power, your confidence– perhaps as a means to gain social power, prestige, or sexual partner(s)?

Human beauty as the apex beauty

Clothes and fashion are only so beautiful insofar-much as how good they look on a human being. The goal is always the beautification of a human being– not a clothing-item as ‘beautiful in itself’.

Thus the goal is this:

Increased beautification of humankind.


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