In Praise of Tips

I believe that tips are actually more beneficial, and generally more profound in knowledge and wisdom than “high brow”intellectuality.

Why? Let me share.

1. Tips are suggestions (never facts)

Philosophically I don’t believe in any ultimate knowledge or truth. Thus, I love tips because they are mere suggestions — you can either take them or leave them!

This to me is far better than being told that certain points of knowledge are “facts”. It seems besides physics and mathematics, all other knowledge is in a state of flux, without any final or ultimate truth. I’m sure even what we consider mathematical or physics based “truth” will be totally changed in 2,000 years from now (apparently a lot of traditional math and physics don’t work well in ‘space-time’ or at the speed of light).

2. Tips are condensed (and practical) ideas

Generally speaking a tip from an experienced individual or artist is worth its weight in gold — they are able to distill their knowledge and wisdom in a few points. And like Horace said, “Whatever advice you give, be brief”. Tips are brief, distilled, practical, and to the point.

Whenever I look at business or productivity books, I honestly think that 99.99% of the 200+ pages can be distilled in a few tips, or in a few talking points.

And the sign of a true intellect:

Having the ability to distill your entire thesis in a single sentence.

3. Effective

If we think of information or knowledge as something to consume — certainly we want to consume things which absorb effectively into our bodies. Things which don’t upset our digestive tract (like lactose for many people).

With tips, we can invest the information quickly and effectively, and we have the ability to scan the information quickly — in order for us to quickly consume what we desire, and knowing what to ignore.

4. Tips are democratic

No matter how experienced (or inexperienced) you are — you can always share your tips on life, art, or whatever! If your tips can spark at least 1 empowering idea or thought to someone else — it is worth it!

Andy Warhol Marilyn

I personally believe in open access, open source, and an open society. The more open and democratic we can make it, the better we can all thrive as individuals.

Thus, realize you already have it in your own power to share your own personal tips on your own website, blog, YouTube channel, etc!

Never stop sharing your tips with others!