Much of composition is about proportions — the proportions of visual elements in an image.

For example below is two different compositions of the same scene and image:

Now the simple question:

Which composition is “better”?

Let’s break it down.

1. First photo

You can see this scene you have the two red rectangles equi-distant on the top of the frame.

Also the yellow is a nice diagonal divider in the middle of the frame.

The green shadow is effective, because it extends throughout the frame. I consider this a strong and dynamic composition.

2. Composition number two

Now the second composition, note the “eyes” in magenta are more in the top-left corner.

Furthermore, the overall composition is less “balanced” than the prior composition, because the second composition leans more towards the left:

So when looking at these two compositions (abstracted) — let me ask you:

Which composition do you think is “better”?

For myself I don’t think in composition there is an objectively superior composition. But these are my thoughts:

  1. The left composition is more balanced
  2. The right composition is more dynamic and off-kilter
  3. I prefer the left composition, as I prefer the blend of the balance and the dynamic elements. Also, I like how the composition feels more “head-on”.

More thoughts on composition to come!