Why I Thrive in Chaos

To me, chaos is the ultimate stimulation. The chaos of public places, the chaos of dancing in a mosh pit, the chaos of the streets— this is when I have the opportunity to exercise my faculties and strengths.

Why seek stability and tranquility?

Honestly it seems the bias towards having “stability” and “settling down” in life is mostly socialized. We’ve been taught by society and our parents to think this way; I think naturally, we actually prefer chaos, randomness, uncertainty, and fun!

Why does chaos stimulate me?

Chaos stimulates me because I like the random people I bump into, the random and lovely conversations I have with strangers, and I like the random and chaotic visual stimuli I get from reality and public places.

Perhaps this is why street photography is so fun and interesting —

The most chaotic and fun form of photography/visual-art making with people!

Don’t seek stability; seek chaos!


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