Eagles Fly Solo

When should we fly solo, and when should we fly together?

A thought about life:

Perhaps we should pursue our philosophical and artistic pursuits solo; to have nobody else slow us down, or weigh us down.

Live your life in fast-forward

For myself, I’m aways “onto the next one”. I am wary of collaboration, because it seems most collaborative projects never get competed, or there is some watering down of a central vision. Or “design by committee” tends to make bland and boring things.

In modern society we are always told that collaboration is better, and playing with others is better; but in which domains of life? My question: which domains in life are better to collaborate in, and which domains in life is better pursuing solo?

Venturing alone

Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock, Leonardo da Vinci; these artists all worked solo. Of course they had artistic friends, but most of them seemed to surround themselves with their own “good creative solitude”, in order to pave their own path in life.

Galiani says philosophers are like eagles, and eagles don’t fly like partridges in a group.

What if the philosopher-artist was BEYOND just a mere “normal” human being; but something stranger, more unique, and different? Perhaps a new stage in human evolution?