Beyond Basic

A thought in life:

Much thinking and modes of conduct are too “basic” for me. Perhaps we should strive to go BEYOND basic; strive to discover deeper new truths and sources of knowledge to empower future mankind!

Beyond our personal happiness and comfort

Perhaps we as philosophers should be seen as akin to soldiers, warriors, and “barbarians”. Much of what we pursue in life isn’t about comfort and plush luxury; it is about being an explorer, conquerer, and a fearless experimenter.

In modern life, we got it so good. We will not starve to death, we have access to all the information, knowledge, and entertainment we desire, and pretty much at this point all the necessities/fundamentals/basic things in life are easily accessible to all.

Given that our lives are short and uncertain; it seems the optimal way to live our lives is to pave the ground for new forms of knowledge, thinking, and understanding. Perhaps we shouldn’t concern ourselves too much about our personal “happiness” in life; but judge our lives instead on the epic risks we’re taking in life, the questions and ideas we dare to share, and the art works we decide to create.

After we die, the things we will leave behind:

  1. Our children
  2. Our books/ideas/essays/words
  3. Our artworks (pictures, visual art works–as photographers)

It seems that the wisdom of the past was this:

Strive to make great works (magnum opuses) that will outlast you!

Aim for at least 300 years! Think far and beyond!