Embrace Hybrid!

An idea:

Perhaps the optimal solution in life isn’t to “choose” only one between two things. It is to choose the best of both (or multiple) options. A hybrid/mixed/variageted approach to life.

For example:

  1. Hybrid approach to phones: Own both an iPhone and a Google Pixel (or Android device). Have best of both worlds; because there are both upsides and downsides to both iOS and Android. #twophone lifestyle.
  2. Hybrid cars: Benefit of a Prius; not having to fill the gas tank often, and also higher mpg. I love electric cars, yet still now the charging situation is a bit inconvenient. Owning a Prius as being less sexy than a Tesla, but probably more convenient.
  3. Hybrid genetics: Purebred dogs are weaker than mixed breed dogs. Surely for humans we must be the same; mixed race children being genetically stronger and more diverse than homogenous children/genes.

I wonder what other ways we can take a hybrid approach to life?

Mixed alloys are stronger

Pure aluminum, steel, or gold is quite fragile. They are much stronger when mixed compounds; an alloy is superior.

With media, perhaps having BOTH the digital AND the analogue is the superior option. Enjoy BOTH ebooks and paper books. Enjoy digital art and also analogue art.

One isn’t better than the other; embrace both. Embrace Hybrid!


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