The New Digital Elite

My prediction: the future of the internet, social media, and technology will become a brave new world/ bifurcation between the new digital elite/digital serfs.

Knowledge gap

Individuals who know how algorithms are nudging/changing their lives, individuals who know how to utilize ad-blockers (or who pay for non-advertising membership), and individuals who opt for iPhone/iOS (less driven by the Android-advertising-Google infrastructure).

Parents who decide NOT to give their kids phones, tablets, access to “free” games or YouTube early on. Parents who can afford to have more real-life “face time” with their kids, and can afford to send their kids to schools WITHOUT Chromebooks and iPads.

Being able to “opt out” from Algorithms, and take more control over their technology.

A new luxury search engine? (Idea from Kanye West)

I wonder in the future we will witness more “luxury” internet services, and more “free” internet services.

For example, iPhone and iOS for the people who have the luxury not to have their behavior mined in order to get delivered more precise ads. The free Android phone of the future — mines you for your information.

The future:

Luxury/paid internet services and “free” (advertising supported) services.

Also probably future devices of phones and digital tools — expensive (high end iPhone) and “free” Android devices?

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