It seems no matter how exciting or interesting or good something is, we will adapt to it.

Which makes me wonder:

How can we best live our lives, considering we will adapt to almost everything in life?

Some thoughts:

  1. Expect and anticipate adaptation in almost all domains in life. If we expect adaptation in our lives, we are less likely to get suckered with unrealistic expectations on technology, stuff, gadgets, tools, toys, cars, homes, lifestyles, foods, neighborhoods, interior decor, etc.
  2. Perhaps the optimal strategy is to then live a more ascetic lifestyle: Prefer cheaper and better value things, even if you can afford more. This isn’t to self torture or “restrict” yourself in a bad way; it just makes life more fun, challenging, and interesting. Make it into a game: discover how to maximize value and impact, while minimizing cost.
  3. For unimportant things you don’t really care for, just use the same “classic” tools and approaches. Perhaps don’t worry about upgrading your wardrobe (wear the same all black Merino wool outfit everyday), drive the same generic car everyday, and don’t really feel the need to “upgrade” your furniture. Instead, seek to upgrade yourself (your body and mind).


Another thought:

Considering we adapt to almost everything, perhaps the optimal solution is to dynamically cycle between everything in life.

For example with devices: cycle between your phone(s), tablet, laptop. Cycle between Android and iOS. Cycle between sitting, standing, walking, and moving.

With photography, perhaps cycle between film, digital and different camera formats. Or cycle between monochrome and color.

With physical workouts, stick to the same few simple exercises (deadlift, squats, dumbell press, chin ups, pushups) but cycle between them (go to the gym everyday, but always do a different workout).

Also don’t stick to the same routine everyday. Cycle your routines and keep your schedule dynamic; prefer to switch up your daily schedule. Never live a predictable day.


Keep your life dynamic. Keep expending more power, challenging conventional ideas, and never stop striving for more. More power, more strength, more ideas, and more dynamite.

You’re going to eventually adapt to everything; but escape the tyranny of adaptation by constantly becoming stronger!

Never stop.


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