Fun Photography Tips

Photography must be fun, or else it isn’t worthwhile. Here are some fun photography tips for you:

1. Selfie

Shoot selfies of yourself, and have fun with mirrors. Shoot several photos while looking in different directions (into the lens, away from the lens) and also experiment with shooting with a flash.

2. Photograph food you find delicious

Don’t worry whether others like what you eat or not; simply photograph foods which you consider delicious in your own eyes!

3. Don’t strive to make perfect photos; strive to just keep shooting!

Children play for fun; they keep playing indefinitely. And they stop playing a game when they’re not having fun.

So it seems the question is:

If you consider photography as a game, how do you keep it fun and interesting to you?


  1. Increase the difficulty (shoot more challenging or scary photos; street photography)
  2. Novelty: Shoot in different neighborhoods in your town, or travel!
  3. Experimentation: Shoot with and without flash, and expedient with new post processing styles.
  4. Never stop making new photos! Making new photos is the best fuel to keep you inspired!


Keep photography fun! Switch up your style, aesthetics, and approach.

Observe children:

  1. Why do kids play?
  2. How do they keep things fun and interesting to them?
  3. How can we maximize our own fun in our own photographic and creative output?

Shoot on!