Delightful Delay

Similar to the notion of “purposeful procrastination” comes my new notion of “delightful delay”:

Don’t feel rushed to adopt new technologies. Don’t be an “early adopter”. Delight in delaying trivial decisions!

For example,

  1. Delight in the classics (classic books, poetry, design, artworks)
  2. Be skeptical of new technologies and “first generation” products.
  3. When in doubt, don’t buy it.
  4. Stick to the tried and true.
  5. Don’t seek to “improve” your workflows. Seek to simplify and streamline your workflows.
  6. Ignore trends and hype. If it smells like a fad, it probably is a time-wasting and distracting fad, that will quickly pass.
  7. If you discover tools you really like, stick with them as long as possible!
  8. With technology, often it is a good idea to invest in something one generation older (used or refurbished) for massive savings and better value!