One of the sentiments I hate in photography at the moment:

Everyone thinks they’re a photographer now.

But the truth is everyone has already been a photographer! Why this pretentious nonsense of trying to categorize some of us as photographers and some of us as non-photographers?

My theory

Why so much pretentiousness in the field of photography, in terms of who should be deemed a “photographer” and who shouldn’t?

My thought is that all the insecure photographers out there who are afraid of other photographers taking their lunch are propagating this condescending notion of “everyone thinks they’re a photographer”.

Is it bad if everyone is a photographer?

I don’t think so. The more photographers there are, the better!

Furthermore we need to go beyond the basic notion that the pie is limited. We need to break out of the “zero sum game” mentality.

The more photographers there are, the better!

If everyone is a photographer, how do I stand out?

You’re already different. I think the best way to stand out is to simply ignore everyone else, and share your work!

Generally speaking sharing your photos on your own (self owned) blog is ideal ( To standout, make your photos super personal, and don’t censor yourself.

Share your super unique view and perspective with the world, and let your soul speak through your photos!



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