Leica q2

Leica Q2 First-Hands on Review/Preview

Huge fan of the new Leica Q2. Some quick thoughts:

Build and design

First impressions on Leica Q2:

  1. Build quality is very good. Love the thumb rest design (it doesn’t need an additional “thumbs up” attachment).
  2. The simplified UI/UX is fantastic and works very well.
  3. For $5k, the value is actually quite good in terms of what you get.
  4. Might be a good to get a second-hand Q1 (to save money).
  5. If you have a Q1, not worth upgrading to Q2.
  6. Really like the new battery and SD cart slot design. Beautifully and elegantly done.
  7. The EVF isn’t really necessary — just shoot with the LCD screen.
  8. Good balance and proportions of the camera.

Overall, it seems like a perfect camera. Not much I’d change — besides getting rid of the tiny red on/off dot, switching the buttons in the back from squares to rectangles, and making the shutter dial a bit stiffer.

But overall — huge congrats to Leica for making a great new product/upgrade.

Will do more testing and share my thoughts with you!


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