Texture Photography Project

Simple photo project to pursue:

Shoot textures.

Texture tips

  1. Shoot with and without a flash (choose the photos you prefer)
  2. Use Lightroom to process your photos to increase the contrast of your textures. I like to play with the ‘blacks’, ‘whites’, lower the shadows, and increase contrast to max to make the textures look more dramatic.
  3. Generally speaking, I find the texture quality when shooting on a ‘standalone digital camera’ at least 10x better than smartphone cameras. I find the RICOH GR II (in macro mode + flash) to be the optimal texture-photography camera.

All textures are good

No reason to discriminate against textures. All textures are good:

  1. Food
  2. Concrete
  3. Skin / flesh

I prefer shooting textures in color — but gritty textures in monochrome also look good.