The New Photo Economy

Something exciting is brewing at ARSBETA.COM ; keep your eyes glued.

Don’t be a digital share-cropper

When I first built ARS, my idea was this:

What if we could “crowd-source” all of the collective wisdom of photographers and visual artists in a productive and meaningful way, instead of just manipulating people with advertisements and likes?

So the idea of ARS (art in Latin) was born. We created the first “double blind” photography feedback platform to allow photographers to give and receive honest feedback on their photos.

The evolution of ARS

The first version of ARS BETA was to provide a simple “keep/ditch” notion. The second version integrated constructive critiques.

The third version of ARS BETA VERSION 3 (available tomorrow, Thursday, March 14th) will have a new and epic game-changing feature and concept. The basic idea is that your photographic labor isn’t free, and now we have built a system which will allow you to build and accumulate digital capital for your creative labor.

Keep posted and spread the word

ARS is the new “anti social media” for us photographers. Ditch your Instagram (which is no longer a platform for photographers, but a silly platform for “lifestyle” vloggers, and an advertising gold mine).

If you’re interested in this exclusive new program for new ARS users (which involves deleting your Instagram), shoot us an email at for more information.

Let’s drive forward the culture of photography together!


Test out ARSBETA.COM today, and stay posted for our live launch for ARS BETA Version 3 tomorrow!