Visual Insatiability

What motivates us to keep making photos?

My theory:

We are never visually satisfied.

This is a good thing!

Dissatisfaction drives us forward!

“I’m never satisfied, can’t knock my hustle.” – JAY Z

Imagine if we were easily satisfied with our photography. If so, what motivation would we have to make new images?

Channel your insatiability in a positive/productive way

I’ve discovered a good way to compel me forward in photography and visual art is finding inspiration anywhere and everywhere. In fashion, design, through traveling in new places, studying cinema, going to art shows, architecture, paintings, car design, watch design, etc.

For example, I’ve been super inspired by McLaren car design, Louis Vuitton x Virgil, etc.

All visual inspiration is good inspiration.

For example, the other day I went to the Tesla store and felt so much inspiration sitting down inside the Tesla Model 3 (ultimate zen minimalist car). I felt the passion of Elon Musk— and this passion motivated me!

Don’t pigeon-hole yourself

You’re beyond just a photographer. You’re a visual artist. Let anything visual motivate and inspire you to greater heights!


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