All Photography is Good

It rests by changing.


I believe all change is good. And not only that, but it seems that change is where we find new sources of inspiration.

This is what I discovered with my photography; by changing up my photography (shooting color instead of black and white, shooting textures instead of people, etc), I’ve found so many new sources of inspiration!

Also by allowing yourself to shoot different styles, subject matters, or “genres” in photography is super useful to reinspire and respark your passion for photography.

In praise of food photography

For example I’ve been finding so much inspiration in photographing food! And the more inspiration I discovered in food photography, I channeled that enthusiasm into all my photography!

Conclusion: Any photos which motivate you to shoot more are good photos.

Selfie Mexico Ricoh

Never allow yourself to get pigeon holed in photography, nor lose confidence and motivation in yourself. Disregard what others say, and just keep on shooting.


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