How to Shoot More Soulful Photos

A ‘better’ photo is a more personal one. A photo you shoot with your soul:

1. Shoot against the light

Tokyo, 2018 #cindyproject

Take a risk and shoot against the light, for interesting and random light flares, which will add more drama and flair to your images.

2. Interact with your subjects

Tokyo, 2018

Interact with your subjects, and engage them.

If your subject has tattoos, ask him to show them off! Stimulate your subjects by talking and engaging them.

Don’t be afraid to upset or annoy your subject. Make it fun for both you and them! Joke with them, compliment and flatter them, and make them feel special.

3. Take risks

Tokyo, 2018

Generally speaking, the more “scary” or risky to shoot a certain photo, the more likely you are to make a powerful image.

When you see something you want to photograph, yet feel fear, think:

Because I’m afraid to shoot this, now I must shoot it.

Photograph more of what frightens you, and you’re more likely to make epic photos!

4. Shoot at night

Kyoto, 2018 #cindyproject
Kyoto, 2018 #cindyproject

Shoot at night, and embrace out of focus and blur. This will allow you to create a more soulful atmosphere and mood.

5. Photograph nature

Kyoto, 2018

We humans have natural “biophilia” (love for biological life).

Don’t just trap yourself into a genre of photography. Shoot beautiful pictures of nature whenever you witness something you consider beautiful.

6. Photograph moments which tell your life story

Marseille, 2013 #cindyproject

Photograph your loved ones, and reveal your personal life through your photos.

Tokyo, 2018 #cindyproject
Tokyo, 2018 #cindyproject
Tokyo, 2018 #cindyproject


Kyoto, 2018

Don’t worry about shooting ‘better’ photos. Focus on shooting more SOULFUL photos — photos that reflect you.

Make photos that self-express yourself, and share your perspective of the world with others.



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