Review of Huawei P20 Pro Phone Camera

The Huawei P20 Pro has the best “photographer focused” camera interface, and has the best aesthetic and “look” for their ‘Vivid’ Color filter. 

Let me first talk about what I like about the UI/UX for the camera. 

One thing I really really like about the P20 is the ability to add a Fibobacci Spiral overlay to your camera. This really helps aid in composition. 

This is how to turn it on:

Also, I really like the “Pro” mode, which allows for more customization. For example the “Vivid” color preset looks fantastic:

Also the ability to change the exposure compensation (EV) is easily accessible and works well:

There is also a “Monochrome” mode, which utilises the monochrome only camera lens/sensor in the phone. Frankly speaking, the monochrome only photos that the P20 Pro produces doesn’t look that good.

However, I really really like the aesthetic of the “Vivid” colors that the P20 Pro produces.

Shooting UX

When shooting outdoors, I found myself shooting often at -1 or -2 exposure-compensation to make the photos look better. The photos that the camera produces in color look very good outdoors with the Vivid preset in bright light:

When shooting indoors, the P20 Pro did a pretty good job with the “Vivid” filter. Detail breaks down a bit, and details get a bit more buddy, but to me, the aesthetic still looks quite good:

The best color photography phone on the market 

So this is my practical thoughts:

  1. If you love color photography, get the P20 Pro and shoot in Pro mode, and use the “Vivid” color mode. 
  2. For the best black and white photos, get a Google Pixel 3, and apply the “Vista” monochrome filter in the Google Photos app. 
  3. For the best phone (that does everything), the iPhone Xs is your best bet. The iPhone Xs has the best user interface, and overall ecosystem with all other Apple products. 
  4. The Huawei P20 Pro is a very good camera, but a bit “meh” as a phone. Everything works fine, but pure Android on Pixel 3 is better. And the iPhone has at least a 50x better user interface and experience (as a phone). 

Why shoot on your phone?

What I love most about shooting on a phone is that you end up shooting more. And shooting more is better.

For example the other day I went to SEARS and shot some street photography inside. I photographed the folks around there, and even made this nice photo of this abuela (older grandma) with her grandchild. 

Also I generally think if you shoot on your phone, people are less intimidated. Also there is less friction of taking your phone out of your front pocket to start shooting.

Processed with VSCO with preset

Realize that all cameras are good. Just shoot with any camera that is lying around the house, or with you.

And let us not forget our STREET CLUB motto:

Just shoot it.