Unlimit Yourself

Dear friend–

What if we lived a life in which we didn’t believe we had any limits? What if we lived a life in which we kept pushing ourselves further– and devoted our entire life to discover how far we could go?

Go beyond.

“I ain’t trying to survive; I’m trying to live it to the limit, and love it alive.” – JAY Z (Reasonable Doubt)

In life, don’t seek to survive; seek to thrive. Seek to go BEYOND your pre-conceived limits.


Where did you even get these notions that you had limits? Did you have family members or others tell you that your ideas were ‘unrealistic?’ Who were the nay-sayers in your life? Who are the negative folks in your life, talking down on you, making you feel smaller?

All children are courageous; they love taking risks. But as children get older, their (helicopter parents) tell them that the world is dangerous– which kills their sense of exploration and adventure.

How bad do you want it?

I truly believe– you have no limits in life. The only question is:

How hard are you willing to hustle, to elevate you to higher heights?

For example, I genuinely believe that any person can deadlift over 400 pounds.

Of course, it is really hard to deadlift. It takes many years of training, and concentrated effort. Yet– if anyone on planet earth gives enough hard work and effort, anyone can deadlift 400+ pounds (even women).

First principles thinking

Why I love physics (and ‘first principles thinking‘):

Physics is concerned with what is physically possible in reality, and what isn’t possible in physical reality.

Physics isn’t concerned about what is ‘reasonable’ or what is ‘probable’. Physics is grounded on physical laws. Physics doesn’t lie.

For example, the question isn’t whether you can build a trillion dollar company or not; the question is:

How hard are you willing to work to make that a reality?

Because obviously it is possible to have a trillion dollar company from a physics perspective. However probable it is that you will build a trillion dollar question is another question.

Is it possible– in physics?

But what I encourage us is this:

Let us defer to physics.

Before you ask others for their ‘opinion’ — consult physics.

Ask yourself:

Does the physical rules of reality prevent me from making this dream possible? Yes or no? If so, why?

Fuck reasonable goals

I say — let us disregard having ‘realistic’ goals in life. Realistic goals are boring.

Let us create insanely ridiculous goals in life, and strive to reach them. Regardless if you ever reach these goals or not, you will live a more interesting, fun, exciting, challenging, and fun life!

To me, the only enemy in life is boredom. When you set realistic goals, you end up living a boring life.

Dream big

Dream big. Think big. Act big.

Hustle 10x harder than you think you’re capable of. Keep pushing yourself and your self-perceived limits higher.

Keep setting the bar higher. Don’t fret– never lose faith in yourself, you’ll never get tired.

Stay wired, stay true to your own inner-vision; keep flying high, you’re risen.


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