Life Without Photography is a Life Not Worth Living

If art didn’t exist, would you desire to still live?

To me, art can be anything done with intent, purpose, and soul.

Art can be photos, art can be paintings, architecture, dance, theater, writing, fashion, etc.

Photography is art

The question isn’t,

“Is photography art?”

The question is:

“How can you make photographs which you consider artful and beautiful?”

Simple ideas:

  1. Decide which palette and aesthetic makes beautiful photos in your eyes.
  2. Continually pursue making photographs which you consider beautiful.

Photography augments your life. Photogrpahy gives you the chance to find beauty anywhere in the world.

Probably the best innovation in photography has been the smartphone camera. Now we can make artwork anywhere we are. We don’t have any more limitations!

What I also love about photography:

I open up my eyes to the souls, hearts, and lives of my fellow human beings.

Street photography is one of my passions in life, because it allows me to connect deeper with other humans.

To me, there is nothing more fascinating than another human being.

Thus, being able to make artwork with other human beings in your photographs is the ultimate for me.

The camera is the most convenient artwork-making tool. Making a painting isn’t more “legitimate” than making a photograph.

Our purpose is to make great photographs; great picture art works. Photographs that will last the ruthless jaws of time.

Never stop shooting, and pursuing a small perfection in your photography!


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