Don’t Miss the Adventure of a Lifetime: Week-Long Hanoi to Sapa, Vietnam Travel Street Photography Experience (April 24-29, 2019)

I am super pumped to share my epic upcoming week-long Hanoi to Sapa Street Photography Travel Experience (April 24-29, 2019). Don’t miss your chance to embark on an adventure of a lifetime:

The adventure of a lifetime

The workshop is 6 days, which will take us from the romantic streets of Hanoi to the minority village of Sapa and the truly memorable Sunday Market of Bac Ha.

I am also very excited to share that Cindy will be joining us for the trip — leveraging her expertise in Vietnamese language and culture, to give us all a deeper understanding and appreciation of Vietnamese culture.

An unforgettable experience

Hanoi to Sapa Travel Street Photography Workshop Students, 2017

In 2017, we led the same travel street photography experience (Hanoi to Sapa), and it was one of the most phenomenal and memorable experiences of my life.

eric kim hanoi to papa group selfie
Hanoi to Sapa Group Selfie 2017

I still remember all the epic adventures we went on– exploring new back-alleys, having the best Vietnamese local food, and all the deep and profound conversations we had on life.

An authentic experience

Not only that, but I lived as an expat in Hanoi for close to a year. Cindy and I know all the best coffee shops, restaurants, and “off the beaten path” places for us to explore. This isn’t just a typical photo tour– this is your opportunity to truly connect with locals, and experience the local culture.

Why Hanoi?

Hanoi is one of the most beautiful, historic, and picturesque cities in the world. Despite the heavy French influence that happened during colonial times, Hanoi has stayed true to her roots. Hanoi is no longer the back-water city that a lot of foreigners once thought– it is bustling with economic growth, development, and pride.

Hanoi, 2017. I’ve seen at least 10 Rolls Royce’s here, even with poor people on the streets making less than $2 a day.

When I lived in Hanoi for a year, I would probably say I saw 1-2 Rolls-Royces a day on the streets, juxtaposed against the historic local environment. This made for very fascinating pictures– photographs that are beyond mere tourist snapshots.

Furthermore, Hanoi is one of the best “bang for the buck’ cities in the world to travel to. Your dollar goes much further in Hanoi, and you will experience a much privileged time here than any other city in the world. Translated simply:

You can enjoy many more luxuries while traveling in Vietnam, when compared to other countries.

Limited spots

This workshop is limited to 16 passionate individuals of all levels who want to take their street photography to the next level.

The workshop will be a custom-tailored, and intimate experience in which you will learn new techniques and approaches in street photography, gain constructive feedback and criticism on your photos, while experiencing the beautiful culture of Vietnam.

If you’ve been interested in experiencing Vietnam with your own two eyes, if you desire to make beautiful photographs, or if you desire to re-explore Vietnam with a deeper appreciation, you don’t want to miss out on this workshop experience.

Bring your partner or spouse along!

In the last Hanoi to Sapa workshop we had many students who attended the workshop with their partner or spouse. What better opportunity to embark on a travel adventure photography experience with your loved one?

You can both learn photography together, experience Vietnam together, and invest in an experience that you both will never forget.

For a special partner/spouse discounted package, email my workshops manager Neil at for more details.

Workshop Syllabus

Hands of a 92 year old woman. Hanoi, 2017

During this intensive 6-day workshop, you will learn:

  1. How to conquer your fear of shooting street photography
  2. How to improve your composition and what to look for in the streets
  3. How you can anticipate & capture “The Decisive Moment”
  4. The best technical settings to use on your camera
  5. How you can master editing & workflow in Lightroom
  6. An in-depth critique & feedback of your work
  7. The best places in Hanoi (off the beaten path) to shoot street photography
  8. How to develop your style in street photography and stick out from the crowd
  9. Personalized street photography assignments to push you to the next level
  10. How to create a memorable body of work and the secrets of unforgettable images

The workshop will be tailored to your individual needs and you will have the opportunity to work on a mini-assignment for the week that will give you the foundation to work on longer more in-depth projects.

Workshop Schedule

Day 1 (Wednesday, April 24, 2019): 8am-4pm

When we meet in the morning after a potent cup of ca phe sua da (famous Vietnamese iced coffee) and use this time to get to know one another. We will discuss our weaknesses in our photography, and “why” we make photos.

This will be an opportunity for you to ask me any questions you have about street photography, and also help hone your personal vision in your work.

Based on what you share, I will give you personalized street photography assignments, and help you discover your unique voice in street photography. These assignments will be based on what you feel like you’re lacking, and I will be the motivational push to help you achieve your “personal maximum.”

The entire day will be intense; we will be shooting for around 5-6 hours in the bustling Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake neighbourhood. This won’t be a boring workshop where you sit in a classroom the entire day; it will be an action-packed workshop, pounding the pavements.

Day 2 (Thursday, April 25, 2019): 8am-4pm

eric kim photography street spa

On Thursday morning we will start the workshop off with a short discussion on composition in street photography, and the secrets to making memorable photographs. We will also discuss street photography projects and give you a specialized project for you to shoot for the rest of the week.

With your assignment in mind, we will then hit the streets of Hanoi focusing on your week-long project. This time can also be spent to help you build your confidence, help you spot out great street photography opportunities, and the best technical settings to use on your camera for street photography.

At the end of the day, we will go out to dinner together I will continue to give you feedback on the photos you took the day-of. This will also give us more time to get to know one another better and talk more about street photography.

Day 3 (Friday, April 26, 2019): 7am-7pm

In the morning, we will make our way through the scenic winding roads and rice paddies to the mountain village of Sapa (approximately 5-6 hours). Sapa is home to the H’mong people, who often wear their traditional brightly coloured dress which identifies which tribe they belong to.

eric kim street photography -sapa-0005957-2

After we arrive in Sapa and check into our hotel, we will grab dinner together to discuss the progress of our projects.

Day 4 (Saturday, April 27, 2019): 7am-2pm

The morning in Sapa will be spent roaming the streets surrounding Quang Truong Square which acts as the village’s central square. From there, we will travel to the neighbouring village of Ta Phin, which offers picturesque views of the mountain village and insight into rural living and minority culture.

Expect lots of walking in Ta Phin! Those interested in landscape photography may opt to cross-pollinate that genre with street photography elements for truly unique images.

eric kim street photography -sapa-0006241

After Ta Phin, participants can spend the late afternoon at their own leisure before the group meets again for an early dinner. We will once again discuss the progress of your week-long project, which should have a solid foundation of images at this point.

Day 5 (Sunday, April 28, 2019): 4am-7pm

The early bird gets the worm! One of the anticipated highlights of this experience will be visiting the famous Sunday market in Bac Ha, about a two and a half hour journey from Sapa. You’re going to want to shoot color on this day with all the vibrant colors and patterns you’ll see at the market.

Villagers from all over Northwest Vietnam travel great distances to purchase a variety of goods, including livestock. Anything from buffalo to fish to dogs can be purchased at this market. This is one of the most unique experiences you will have in all of Vietnam.

Negative space on bottom of man. Silhouette, Sapa Vietnam 2016

We will leave Bac Ha in the afternoon and make our way back to Hanoi.

Day 6 (Monday, April 29, 2017): 12pm-4pm

After so many days being on the road, we will reward ourselves with a late start to the final day of the workshop. We will spend the afternoon editing & post-processing your best work, and I will give you personal guidance in terms of what images you should include (and ditch) for your final project. It will be a tough task, but we will support one another to finish choosing our final images for our project.

Once we are done editing, you will then present your week-long street photography project to the rest of the group. You will be given constructive critique & feedback on your images in terms of the images, the edit, as well as the sequencing of images.

We will also give you practical advice in terms of what direction to take your street photography to further grow & develop as a photographer. Many people who have attended my past workshops say this is the most rewarding part of the workshop.

At the end of the workshop, we will go out for a final dinner together where we can continue to share our passion & experiences from the workshop. I will also make a private Facebook group for everyone to keep in touch after the workshop in order to build a community of learning.

The Photographic Experience of a Lifetime

eric kim street photography -sapa-0005896

This workshop won’t turn you into the next Henri Cartier-Bresson. However it will help you hone your own personal vision in your photography, build your confidence, create more visually-compelling compositions, and inspire you to work on more significant longer term projects.

This is a workshop that will help identify your weaknesses while focusing on your strengths.

After the workshop, you will have more creative confidence, a stronger understanding of long-term projects, that will help you achieve your “personal maximum” in your photography, life, and work.

Travel & Accommodation

Low angle silhouette photo of Cindy. Hanoi, 2017

We are happy to provide accommodation for the nights of April 24-29, local travel, all group meals, and tuition fee as part of the inclusive pricing. The hotel in Hanoi is rated 3-star but because of the nature of accommodations in Sapa, it will be a more basic guesthouse/hotel for two nights.

Cindy in Elevator with Lights / Hanoi, 2017

Flights are not included in the cost, but we will be happy to assist you with a search for lowest cost fares. Visas are required for travel from many countries, but most travellers can simply apply online for it. Please contact Neil Ta at for further assistance.


Workshop Time & Tuition

  • Date: April 24-29, 2019 (Wednesday to Monday)
  • Cost: 2995 USD* (includes lodging and meals)
    • Workshop cap: 16 participants
  • Locations: Hanoi to Sapa, Vietnam
  • Contact:

*Cost is based on double occupancy. If you would like your own room, please contact for more information.
*If you are a returning participant or wish to register more than one person, please also contact

Secure your spot before it’s too late!

Don’t miss out on this chance to take your composition to the next level. To secure your spot for the workshop, please submit your full tuition with the Paypal button below. Once you submit your payment, your spot is guaranteed for the workshop.

Companion Pass: If you signup for the workshop and want to bring your partner or friend, they will receive 50% off. Please email to take advantage of this offer.

If you have any questions about the workshop, please email my manager Neil Ta at

Secure your spot now, room is running out for this popular workshop!

Hanoi to Sapa Travel Street Photography Experience 2019

Tuition: 2995 USD

Cancellations / Refund Policy

  • We reserve the right to make alternative arrangements or cancel the workshop with less than 5 participants.
  • For international applicants, we are not responsible for reimbursement of travel expenses in case the workshop is modified or cancelled. We highly recommend that you buy refundable tickets and/or travel insurance.
  • Because special arrangements need to be made for local travel and accommodations, there is a $500 cancellation fee for anyone who wishes to cancel their registration
  • By submitting your deposit you agree to these terms and conditions.


If you would like to secure your spot for the workshop, please submit your full tuition with the Paypal button below. If you have any questions about the workshop, please email Neil Ta at

Once you submit your payment, your spot is secured for the workshop.

Companion Pass: If you signup for the workshop and want to bring your partner or friend, they will receive 50% off. Please email to take advantage of this offer.

Secure your spot now, room is running out for this popular workshop!

Hanoi to Sapa Travel Street Photography Experience 2019

Tuition: 2995 USD

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