How to Take the Power of Life into Your Own Hands

This means: never blame another man for our faults. Also, attributing 100% of own success to our own efforts.

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What if you never blamed anyone else?


The problem: we always blame others. We blame others for our lack of self-discipline. We blame others for our lack of opportunity. We blame others for injuring us.

But what if we never blamed anyone else but ourselves? If we lack discipline — that’s our fault for not being brave enough to say “no”. If we have too few opportunities, we should blame ourselves for not hustling hard enough, and not being brave enough to put ourselves out there. If we blame others for injuring us, we should blame ourselves for caring about petty shit.

Taking life 100% into your own hands


Needless to say, we cannot physically control 100% of our lives.

  1. We weren’t asked to be born (we were thrust into the world, via birth, by our parents)
  2. We didn’t have control how our parents, teachers, or society raised us or the values they taught us. We didn’t have control which city, country, or society we grew up in.
  3. We don’t have control over the year, the time, or the era in which we were born.

What is in our power?

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Yet— given some of these constraints, we still have much in our power:

  1. Power to decide whether we still continue to have ties with our “legacy friends”, or with family.
  2. Power to dictate what career, or work-employment to pursue.
  3. Power how to spend our money: what we determine we desire to spend our money on, and what we determine what we desire not to spend our money on.
  4. Power on what to eat (or not eat), and power to spend our time and our lives how we desire.

You are not a lottery ticket

Peter Thiel in his book, “Zero to one” tells us —

You are not a lottery ticket.

We have the power in our own hands, to direct our lives however we desire. Of course we cannot change our past, but we have the power (today) how to control our actions, our behavior, and what we decide to give our attention and focus to.

Success is in your hands

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To advance in life (succeed) is in your own hands. Every advancement (success) you have in life, determines to you.

The harder you hustle, and the more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are to have interesting opportunities come your way.

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As an entrepreneur, you determine (more) aspects of your life and time. This is why I feel that (if you desire 100% freedom and control in your life), you must become an entrepreneur. I simply don’t see any other way around it.

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The point of being an entrepreneur isn’t to become a millionaire or billionaire. It isn’t even to become “rich” in monetary wealth. It is to become free — free to do what you desire during the day, and free to not do what you don’t want to do!

How to take the power in your own hands

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So friend — some basic ideas:

  1. Never blame another person or man. It all is on you. All your successes and failures are culpable to you. Given this — will you become empowered, or crumble from the weight of this idea?
  2. The harder you work, the harder you hustle, and the more you “put yourself out there”, the more you will advance and succeed towards your life goals, and your supreme life task.
  3. Disregard your past. What is past is past. Don’t let your past be a future determinant. You aren’t your parents. You aren’t your past memories. You are you, right now. You are your present and potential future actions. Be more action-oriented in life, and you will have more control.
  4. Be flexible with petty matters in life, but be very stubborn and inflexible with what is truly important in your life. Care less for what you eat, but never compromise your own system of morals and ethics.
  5. Realize that you have the potential for impacting the world and modern society. Never talk down on yourself.


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