How to Simplify Your Photos

Dear friend,

Basic idea:

Let us seek to simplify our photography and our lives.

To make better photos, seek to simplify your compositions. Less clutter in the photo.

One of the main benefits of shooting monochrome: you simplify your photos by stripping away color. Color can sometimes distract. Monochrome forces you to focus on the essential visual elements in your photos.

When you’re shooting, focus on one primary element or subject. By showing more, you show less.

Get close

Generally speaking, the good thing about getting close to your subjects is that you simplify your compositions. The closer you are, the less clutter and distractions in the background.

Only shoot shadows

Keep it super simple: only shoot shadows. Less is more.

Simplify by crouching down

To make simpler photos, have fewer distractions in the background.

Shoot JPEG

All photos in this post are with Lumix G9, JPEG, with Dynamic monochrome film JPEG preset. Shooting JPEG will simplify your photographic workflow.

Keep it super simple!