All is Permitted in Photography!

There are no rules in photography; all is permitted.

1. Why rules?


Every photography “master” is a tyrant. They think that their way of photography is the only “legitimate” form of photography. Thus, they try to get everyone to shoot and think the way they do.


For example, I love Henri Cartier-Bresson, but he was the ultimate photo-tyrant. He decreed:

The only legitimate form of photography is black and white. You cannot interact with your subjects. All photos must be candid. You can only shoot with a 35mm or 50mm lens. You cannot shoot with flash. You cannot shoot color.

In other words,

My way or the highway.

2. Make the rules for yourself


I think it is very useful to study the masters of photography, in order to gain a foundation. It is good to learn from the masters before we kill the masters.

Studying from the masters or from teachers is useful as an apprenticeship. But there is a point where you must cut the umbilical chord, bid your master-teacher farewell, and go down your own path.

3. Self-discipline

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Dictate the rules of photography for yourself, and don’t believe that everyone must do as you believe. Realize the fact:

Everyone shoots photos for different reasons, and this is a good thing!


Everyone shoots photography differently, and this is good!

A hellish photography world would be a world of mono-photography; in which everyone shot the same.

4. Shoot different


We must shoot different. Shoot differently from the crowd. Shoot what feels right to you, and shoot what looks good to you.


Pave your own path. Be brave, and have courage (heart) in yourself!

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