The Best Camera is the Simplest Camera

Dear friend,

Basic idea: the best camera is the simplest camera.

This is the problem:

We get suckered into thinking that the best camera is the camera with the highest resolution, the most megapixels, the most sharpness, or the highest price.

In fact, the best camera is the simplest camera possible for your personal objectives.

For example, if you’re a chef, of course you need many pots, pans, and knives. But you need to find the “optimal simplicity”; where you don’t have superfluous tools in your kitchen.

Obviously a professional fashion photographer will need more equipment, lights, and higher resolution cameras for their work than a street photographer. Yet still– the goal is to have the optimal simple camera; not so simple that you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage, but simple enough that you’re not being weighed down or distracted by your gear.

The simplest camera for street photography?

For now, the RICOH GR II is the most simple camera on the market. Small, compact, cheap. Just shoot in P (program) mode with center-point autofocus, and for monochrome shoot in RAW and use ERIC KIM MONOCHROME PRESET.

I also think the Leica M rangefinder is a very simple camera. A Leica rangefinder should be used like a point and shoot camera: prefocus to 1.2 meters, shoot at f8, ISO 1600, and just photograph whatever you find interesting.

Keep it simple; just shoot.

Don’t seek the “best” camera. Seek the simplest camera.


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