How to Make Beautiful Photos

Simple idea:

Let’s seek to make beautiful photos, according to our own aesthetic tastes and judgement!

1. Simple and elegant compositions

Simple is more beautiful. Elegant is having emotion, dynamic light, and a facial-body-eye gesture.

2. Photograph those who you consider beautiful, and seek to make them look beautiful in the photos

In other words, shoot with the entirety of your heart and soul. Imbue your photos with you.

3. Experiment with aesthetics

Cindy hands covering face Ricoh gr ii flash kyoto

There’s no right or wrong aesthetics. You must dictate for yourself an aesthetic you determine as beautiful.

Experiment. Use different cameras, sensors, and post processing styles/filters/presets.

4. Beautiful light

Morning sun, sunset — photograph light you consider beautiful.

5. Never settle

And never settle — keep pushing the boundaries of beauty.

Cindy lying side me in bed; phone; berlin