16 Bruno Barbey Street Photography Composition Lessons

Love the elegant compositions of Bruno Barbey from Magnum:

1. Repeating forms, curved line, looks like a “stop motion animation”

2. Monochromatic color photo

Just the pop of yellow and red on the far right woman. Note the curves and shadows and spacing of subjects:

3. Leading lines and storytelling

4. Separation of different visual elements with rectangles

5. Opposing forces

6. Simple, clean, minimalist composition

7. Getting close and intimate, and faces and limbs on different visual planes

8. Three dimensional curved composition

9. Surrealism

10. Three subjects, and bottom frame with visual elements

11. Eye contact, and curved composition

12. Simple, quiet, meditative composition

13. Separation of frame

Love the man in the far right in white, out of focus, with family in background

14. Far away shot, leading lines in background wall

15. Arabesque composition

16. Close, filling the frame, epic arabesque composition

Bruno Barbey is epic. Study more of his work!