Why ARS is the Answer

Dear friend,

What is the solution to a lot of our problems in life? Simple — art (art).

“I’ve been woken from enlightened man’s dream / Checkin’ Instagram comments to crowdsource my self esteem.” – Kanye West

Why make art (ars?)


I believe one of the best ways we can utilize our human metabolism in life is to create art.

Why art?

  1. First of all, art is something that can be totally self-directed by us. Nobody can prohibit us from creating art. Nobody can force us to create artwork we don’t desire to make. Also — nobody can “force” us to compromise our artistic vision (only we are the ones who can compromise ourselves).
  2. Secondly, you can create visual art (photos) with the most simple camera (phone camera)! Now is the time to create art– because art is now democratized to the masses. We all have phones, tablets, laptops, etc– which have all these epic digital tools at the tips of our fingertips (literally). Some of us still might prefer to use more analogue art-processes (which is more expensive and inaccessible); but at least we have the option of creating (free) digital art!
  3. Most of us live in a society in which we can express ourselves freely with our artwork without fear of getting jailed, without getting tortured, killed, etc. Unfortunately not all of us. Thus, if you are lucky enough to live in a country with freedom of speech/art — leverage that privilege to create art without compromise.

Personal happiness isn’t the answer

This is a big philosophical jump in my thinking:

I don’t believe that personal happiness is the point of life.

If we just wanted personal happiness– easiest to just take lots of ecstasy (soma), smoke tons of weed, be high on ‘uppers’ (cocaine, caffeine, adderall), play lots of video games, travel to ‘exotic’ places, watch Netflix, eat lots of good food, drink lots of good alcohol and wine, and play with toys.

I think the point of life is to empower yourself and others to a ‘new level’. To keep setting the bar of human potential higher! For us to keep pushing ourselves to the next level. For us to advance humanity — and to advance our human potential.

Empowering other with art

We created ARS (art realization system) as a platform to empower you — visual creators. If we want to advance in our visual artistry, we need honest, critical, and constructive critiques. Thus, we built http://ARSbeta.com with a fair algorithm, which anonymizes your pictures, and randomly matches you with other passionate photographers who will give you honest feedback and critique on your work.

This Friday, we are announcing ARS BETA Version II — which will have the highly coveted ‘constructive critique’ function. To get more valuable feedback in order to advance your own visual artistry.

ARS is Art

I got the idea of calling our company “ARS” because it means ‘Art’ in Latin. My buddy Horace wrote a treatise on writing great poetry, called ‘Ars Poetica’ (The art of poetry).

One big cultural shift I want to make is this:

Photography is art.

Not only that, but–

As a photographer, you are also an artist.


Even if you shoot with an iPhone or smartphone — you’re a photographer AND an artist!

Join the revolution

“Instagram is so thirsty, yet gives you Death by Water.” – Elon Musk

Join ARS (art revolution society). ARS is the anti-social media platform. If you’re sick of the ‘social media treadmill’ of just getting more likes for empty reasons– upload your photos to ARS instead, to get honest and constructive critique on your photos, and also to give you the opportunity to provide constructive critique on the photos of others.

Let us change art and society together.

Join the revolution at ARSBETA.COM >


To invest or collaborate with ARS, email arsbetahelp@gmail.com