I Shoot JPEG

I love shooting JPEG. Why? It simplifies my photographic workflow and life.

First of all, it don’t matter if you shoot RAW or JPEG. Just do what works for you.

But I want to encourage you:

Don’t feel like you gotta shoot RAW to be “pro”.

The purpose of photography is for you to live a better life, and also for you to engage more with the real world. For me, photography is the best form of self empowerment and therapy. And of course, photography is your visual artistry and poetry.

And also I’ve discovered for myself:

The more I simplify my photographic life, the more meaningful impact I can make.

Simple is difficult

Trying to simplify your photographic life is difficult. I’ve been working hard the last decade to simplify my photography. To simplify my gear and equipment, to simplify my composition, and to simplify my life.

The point ain’t simplicity for the sake of it; the point is to **simplify your life and workflow, in order to maximize your impact.***

For example, shooting JPEG speeds up my workflow. I have just been shooting JPEG in intelligent auto mode on my Lumix g9. Super simple, and the pictures look “good enough”. All the pictures here are straight out of camera.

Give it a go.

I encourage you to try shooting JPEG. Fujifilm Classic Chrome looks good. RICOH GR II in positive film or monochrome looks good. Pentax 645Z in film simulation JPEG looks good.

Seek optimal simplicity, and focus on what’s most important in your photographic life. For me, it’s shooting more, less time editing photos in Lightroom, and more time living!