Tokyo layers

Personal Street Photography Philosophy

What is your personal street photography philosophy? It’s different for everyone; discover it for yourself.

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Tokyo layers

The way you shoot street photography must be personal. Only approach street photography in a way which ethically fits your morals and ethics. A basic way to think is this:

Don’t shoot others as you wouldn’t want to be photographed (the silver rule of photography ethics).

Generally speaking, this is what I would suggest:

First discover what your personality is, and then shoot in a way which complements your style.

For example, if you’re extroverted and social, shoot street photography and interact and engage with your subjects! However if you’re more introverted and prefer not to interact with people, shoot street photography more candidly without feeling like you need to interact with others.

I don’t think you need to change your personality or who you are. The problem with the field of self-improvement is this:

It implies that you need to be “improved”.

We are not machines. We don’t need to be “upgraded” or improved. Instead, I feel you should best leverage your pre-existing strengths, and use that as your “Archimedes lever” to maximize your impact in the world.

Once again, don’t change your personality, or feel pressure to “fix” yourself. Ain’t nothing wrong with you! Don’t let the self-help industry tell you otherwise.

Shoot yourself

Distilled ideas for you:

  1. Shoot street photography in a way which reflects your pre-existing personality.
  2. Street photography is like jazz; improvise. Create your own visual language and music in street photography. Don’t feel pressured to follow a street photography style you don’t like.
  3. Don’t feel pressured to be taken “serious” in your street photography. Better to be regarded as a clown or a jester, than to have millions bow down at your feet, if you’re not impressed by your own pictures.
  4. You’re the ultimate judge whether your photos are good or not. If you like the picture, it is a good picture.
  5. The best street photography is subjective and shows your world view. Never compromise your artistic vision and control!



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