Is Photography Fun For You?

A realization while at the gym: photography must be fun, or else it isn’t worthwhile.

This is my rationale:

Things which are fun are generally challenging and interesting.

For example, when I go to the gym, I only do exercises which are fun for me. That doesn’t mean I don’t push myself hard. In fact, only challenging exercises are fun for me.

For example, I only really have fun doing extreme “one rep max” styled training (powerlifting). It’s extremely difficult and requires 100% of my mental force — yet, it’s extremely fun for me! I always go to the gym with a giddy child-like sense of excitement, because I only do fun exercises for me (squats, deadlift, chin-ups, dips, dumbbell press) and don’t do all the stuff I hate and find boring (cardio, weight machines, etc).

I think photography (and life) should be the same. Only take photos which are fun for you. Also, make photography (as a whole) enjoyable and fun for you.

For example, don’t make yourself miserable carrying around a heavy, cumbersome, and annoying camera. Just use a RICOH GR II with ERIC KIM NECK STRAP, or use your phone.

Cindy flare eye

Photography should never feel like a chore. Photography should never be boring. Photography must be fun, or it’s not going to be worthwhile for you to pursue photography!

How to make photography fun (again):

Some ideas:

  1. Only shoot photos which interest you. Never take a photo because someone else says, “Take a photo of this— it will make a great photo!”
  2. Don’t think about image quality when it comes to your photos. Instead, think to yourself, “Which camera is the most fun to shoot with?”
  3. Challenge yourself. Generally, whatever type of photography (like street photography) is fun precisely because it is difficult, challenging, and scary. I don’t think street photography would be fun if it weren’t challenging— just like video games.

Have fun!