What’s the Best Camera Strap for Me?

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So there’s a lot of straps to choose from in the HENRI and ERIC KIM line. Which strap is ideal for me?

Annette Kim put together this handy guide on choosing the best strap for yourself, as a primer to the entire HAPTIC strap line.

Essentially to sum up, this is the practical advice I’d give you:

1. RICOH GR II shooters

If you shoot with a RICOH GR II get an ERIC KIM NECK STRAP, as it has the proper mounting strings for the RICOH GR II. I’ve discovered that shooting with a neck strap on the RICOH always allowed me to have the camera with me, thus I ended up shooting more photos, and being happier!

Another option is the ERIC KIM WRIST Strap, which also fits the RICOH if you prefer wrist straps.

2a. Always be ready for the decisive moment

If you shoot with a Fujifilm, Sony, Olympus, or any medium-sized mirrorless camera, get a classic (OG) Henri Neck Strap to carry the camera with you wherever you go.

2b. Best for camera bags

If you generally prefer to carry your camera in your camera bag or backpack, get a classic HENRI Wrist strap in Crema brown, or the new classic HENRI Wrist strap in Phantom Black!

3. For the everyday shooter

If you shoot with a Leica, or have a slightly heavier camera for street photography (like a Fuji XT-series, or a Sony or Leica with heavier lenses), get AN HENRI SHOULDER Strap (Phantom Black) or the HENRI Shoulder Strap in classic Crema Brown.

4. For the active professional

If you do video work, vlog, or professional work and want to have your camera permanently fused to your hand, get the HENRI Wrist Strap PRO Edition in Phantom Black or also get it in Crema Brown.


Honestly ultimately it doesn’t matter what strap you use. Just shoot more photos! The reason why we and HAPTIC has created all these straps is to empower you to carry your camera more with you, regardless of where you are, your lifestyle, or wherever you go!

I personally really like the Henri Shoulder Strap in Phantom Black (one of our coolest straps), and think it is one of the most unique and functional straps out there.

Never leave the house without your camera

For a week just try bringing your camera with you whenever you leave the house! When you go to work, meet up friends for dinner, or just walk around the block! See if this will help empower you to shoot more!

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