17 Josef Koudelka Street Photography Composition Lessons

Josef Koudelka: one of my photographic heros.

Some of my favorite compositions of his:

1. Filling the frame with balance and dynamism

Elegant filling frame with shadows and visual elements:

Also note these guys:

2. Elbow gestures

3. Arabesque

Curve (arabesque) composition:

4. Tilted frame

Through a car window:

5. Texture

6. Mimicking shapes

7. Simplicity and minimalism

The white space around the black devil dog:

Another example of a tilted frame (Dutch angle) and a sense of scale with the small subjects:

8. Dynamism and life

9. Vertical frame, and shadow figures

10. Include your own limbs in the photo

Famous watch selfie in Prague:

11. Equal spacing with multiple subjects and leading lines

12. Clean background and diagonal lines

13. Shadow legs in “v” shape and obstructed faces

14. Three subjects walking away, one dog walking towards us

Also great spacing with the subjects:

15. Layers and shadows

16. Filling the frame, hand gestures and dynamism

17. The road less traveled

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