Why I Love the Photos of Garry Winogrand

I love the photos of Garry Winogrand. Why? Let me explain:

My reasons:

  1. His dynamic and “edgy” compositions. He pushed the boundaries of what one could do with a wide angle 28mm lens in street photography
  2. His gutsy attitude: Winogrand was quite bold in his shooting. He got close and was quite aggressive to get the shots he wanted.
  3. He was constantly experimenting with form and composition in his photography. He didn’t just shoot the standard and boring compositions. He experimented with tilting his frame, using a flash, and adding more (or fewer) subjects to his frame.
  4. His love of life! It shows he loved life through his photos. Ultimately I think all of us as photographers must love life more than we love photos.
  5. His disregard for rules and convention, and following his own path!
  6. His philosophy: “I photograph the world to see what the world looks like photographed.”

Some photos I shot from his book, “Figments”: