Never Settle

Dear friend,

A philosophical idea: never settle.

What does it mean to “never settle”?

In Latin, to “settle” means to sit. What else does it mean to “never settle”?

Well it can mean lots of things.

For example,

  1. Never settle (always aim to do better, to always improve, and to always advance yourself!)
  2. Never settle (never settle down, always live a nomadic life, without seeking any permanent roots)
  3. Never settle (don’t stand still, keep moving! Recall the saying, “the rolling stone gathers no moss” from Publius Syrus

The reason I came up with this idea of “never settle” was partly from the OnePlus phone company motto (#neversettle) and also when asked about my nomadic lifestyle, a lot of friends and others ask me, “So when do you plan to settle down?”

I’ve philosophized a lot about this concept of settling down, and putting down “roots”. But after much contemplation, I don’t think I ever want to “settle down”. Why not?

Well, I think a lot of the modern notion of settling down, buying a home, is based on this “baby boomer” notion of stability. In today’s globalized world, I don’t think this concept applies anymore.

Also for myself personally, I like staying in motion. To me, there is nothing worse than staying indoors, sedentary at home. For myself, I wish and desire to live an adventurous, courageous, uncomfortable, chaotic, and uncertain life. To me, comfort is the road to waste (ancient Roman saying).

I get the biggest inspiration from Genghis Khan, the nomadic life of war and strife. I think too much peace is bad; it makes humans flabby and complacent.

Why do we want to “settle down”?

I think in modern society, the idea of “settling down” is because we are told by our parents that we need stability, comfort, and certainty. Of course this makes sense, because our parents lived in very tumultuous times, where famine, death, and poverty were looming dangers.

However at the same time, I think this concept of “comfort, stability, and security/safety” comes from the modern advertising and consumerism mentality; we desire to upgrade our cars for more “comfort”, as well as more “comfortable” abodes, as well as more “financial security”.

Consumers will pay a lot of money based on fear tactics of companies. The corporations prey on our fear-aversion. They sell us golden cages of comfort and security, in exchange for our money.

What happens when you no longer desire to “settle down”?

Several things:

  1. You don’t accumulate stuff, because you know you can’t fit it inside your nomadic backpack.
  2. You don’t worry about buying an expensive car or home, because you can ride Uber or Airbnb anywhere.
  3. You don’t desire fancy clothes, because it’s just not practical when you’re living on the road.
  4. You live more simply: a life full of simple joys, and more concentration on creative work.
  5. You can live with less money, because you don’t have consumerist urges, because you know you can’t accumulate more.

Of course I have no idea how the rest of my life is gonna play out. But I think if I’m given an option, I will choose NOT to settle down. To always take the more adventurous, uncertain, and exciting option in life. I don’t want to be tied down to a 30 year mortgage, an expensive car payment, or any material things which only weigh me down.

I want to continue to think, philosophize, write, create, photograph, and make stuff!

I cannot dictate your own personal lifestyle choices. You choose yourself. But know that it’s an option not to settle down, and that’s okay!


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