Art is the Great Stimulus of Life!

Channeling my inner #nietzsche — art is the stimulus which makes life exciting and worth living!

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We all need a stimulus to move. To act.

We need something to spark us, to motivate us to move.

What is this first mover (primum mobius)? I think it’s art!

For example, things that stimulate and inspire me to act and live my life, and to make my own art:

  1. Great photography (Henri Cartier bresson)
  2. Great cinema (Stanley Kubrick)
  3. Great painters (Matisse, Roy Litchenstein)
  4. Great fashion (I love colorful fashion— it inspires me!)
  5. Great poetry (Virgil, Horace, Lucretius)
  6. Great philosophy (Seneca, Nietzsche, Nassim Taleb)

So long story short,

To inspire yourself to act, move, and do stuff — surround yourself and consume great art!

Some ideas:

  1. Use an iPad as a visual scrapbook.
  2. Use Dropbox to look at your old photos to reshare or reupload.
  3. Buy photo and art books, and browse them when you want inspiration.
  4. Watch music videos
  5. Pump yourself up with some dope beats
  6. Hit the gym and do some heavy deadlifts
  7. Alternate icy cold showers or baths with super hot sauna
  8. Get a very intense (and painful) massage
  9. Walk around the block

Never stop making art!

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