My Top 10 Simple Joys in Life

Insofar much as I know, true “happiness” in life is eliciting more joy, meaning, and purpose in our lives. I don’t have the answer for others, but I know (some) of the answers for myself:

First of all, I’m all about the simple joys in life. Why? Because they evoke maximum joy in my life, are easily accessible, and cheap! I don’t need to be a billionaire to access these joys, and I also think that these joys are easily accessible by others; which is great, because it means we don’t need to be super rich to get these joys! These simple joys are accessible to all!

  1. Recounting my “small wins” and “favorite parts of the day” while lying in bed with Cindy, before we sleep. To make eye contact and chat with her with joy, without having a device covering our faces.
  2. The joy of breaking a fast; ie, eating dinner (I don’t eat breakfast or lunch).
  3. The joy of discovering an exciting new idea which interests me, then researching it on Google, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and writing/blogging about the idea.
  4. The joy of walking around the block, looking up and smiling at the green trees around me.
  5. The joy of going to the park or gym to workout, the joy of the feeling of blood pumping into my arms and legs, and the joy of jovial conversation with strangers at the gym or park.
  6. The joy of achieving a new “one rep max” in my deadlift.
  7. The joy of watching a great film or cinema with phenomenal story telling, cinematography, and philosophical undertones.
  8. The joy of drinking a lovely single origin espresso.
  9. The joy of spending time with my friends, loved ones and family.
  10. The joy of going to sleep knowing that if I died tonight in my sleep, I wouldn’t have any regrets.

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