Happiness: The Dynamic Frenzy of Creative Creation

Dear friend,

You’re dynamite; don’t let your dynamic power lie dormant. Unleash your creative explosions!

Some philosophy ideas:

  1. The purpose of having lots of energy, excitement, and joy is to channel that creative energy and power into creating art! Anything you create is artwork, regardless of what others say. The photos you make are art, the videos you make are art, your poetry is art; anything you make (as long as it was touched by your hand is art!)
  2. What I do in my life is seek ways to maximize my own personal energy and power; in order for me to have more focus, more energy, and more self-confidence and brazenness to make more! In the past I was creatively impotent; drained, exhausted, and frustrated. But now, I’m not putting any speed blocks on my all-black Tesla; hyper speed ahead!

Maximize your creative power

I am happiest when in in the creative flow of creation. I’m a staunch supporter of Mihaly C (author of flow) and I truly believe that the “optimal human experience” is the state of flow, the “zen zone” you get into when you’re in the Drunken, dionysian frenzy of creative creation!

This is what I propose:

Create an ideal or optimal lifestyle for yourself which allows you to maximize your creative output.

How I turbocharge my creative production

For example, this is what I do:

  1. I don’t eat breakfast or lunch, so I don’t get “food coma” during the day, and I fast until dinner. This keeps my mind sharper, more keen and mean; which allows me to enter a superman state of “creative flow” when I constantly stream my creative ideas in the form of blogging and writing, making videos, presenting and teaching, or shooting on the streets!
  2. I listen to music that hypes and pumps me up: KANYE WEST, JAY Z, KENDRICK LAMAR, PUSHA T are my homies. Of course listen to whatever upbeat music which elevates your mind and soul to enter this frenzy of creative construction!
  3. Sleep a lot: What’s the point of sleeping for only 5 or 6 hours a day, if you don’t have 100% of your creative batteries recharged to release throughout the day? I’d prefer to have 1 hour of insanely productive work, than 10 hours of tepid and “meh” work. Even if you think from a philosophical sense, if a philosopher dies and has even 1 epic saying, 1 epic quote, or 1 epic book or concept, he has done his duty to humanity. In photography, we just need to make 1 memorable or timeless photo that out lives us!
  4. Increase blood flow to your muscles: Anything that increases blood flow to your muscles, body, mind, brain, and soul is good! This is my theory: when we put our muscles and body under some intermittent, short, and intense stress; there is increased blood flow and hormone flow in our body. Perhaps it is this dynamic change and flow of movement of our bodily fluids and hormones which helps us spark new creative ideas and concepts? I know after an intense powerlifting session of deadlifts, or doing chin ups or dips until my arms have lactic acid on fire, I get some of the most epic and exciting ideas! So in short, do brief and insanely intense workouts to get your creative mind flowing!

Never stop creating!

The final takeaway point is this:

To be happier, create more!

Or more specifically,

To be happier today, maximize the time you have inside the state of “creative flow”. In this state you feel alive, invincible, and enter a state of unbounded apotheosis!