Never Stop Singing! #poetry

Never stop singing
And dancing to the melody of life
Life is more than pain and strife
Its full of hope and smiles
Never forget– you’ll probably live long, and be around for a while

So why complain and regret?
Don’t brek-xit from others; your daughters and mothers
Rather, welcome all others like they were you, even though you come from different walks of life and wear different shoes

Shake off the blues and greens
And wipe that angry face off; no need to be mean

Rather, scheme for the greater good
Make dope shit; just like you should

There ain’t no ‘could’– you can do anything!
Live life without regrets, you don’t know what your potential can bring
So never stop singing the praises of being alive
You got this shit my brother or sister
Let your creative art out; there’s no other but you
So make it, create it, share it, or wear it
Get off the rat race, and stop chasing that carrot!


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