Photograph History, Artistically.

I’m currently studying the photos of Robert Capa, and this is what amazes me about his work: he documented history, with beautiful artistry and composition.

I see Robert Capa as an artist who had a thirst for adventure. He used the camera as his art tool, and did a huge service to humanity by co-founding Magnum Photos, by documenting the horrors and ills of war, while making the photos beautiful through his artful compositions, and the intimacy and soul he shared with his subjects.

Some of my favorite photos by Robert Capa:


Spanish Civil War:

To find more inspiration, I encourage you to study the early Magnum photographers, whose heritage was photojournalism, and the photo essay.

My favorite photographers to study:

  1. David Chim Seymour
  2. Philip Jones Griffiths
  3. Henri Cartier-Bresson
  4. Cornell Capa

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