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Why You Should Follow Josh White (jtinseoul) Black and White Street Photographer

My friend JTINSEOUL is my favorite photography blogger, and one of my best friends.

Josh White has taught me the principles of personal photography: photograph your loved ones.

Josh taught me:

At the end of our lives, we aren’t gonna care about the photos we shot — we’re going to care about the memories, experiences, and the love we shared with our (photography) friends.

I’ve done a bunch of workshops with him over the years, shot with him, and had nice conversations on life with him over fried chicken and beer. Now he’s re-modeling his own house in Iksan, Korea (he is also married), he is doing cool stuff. Making his own magazine called ‘NEVERLAND’ (his version II) is coming soon, and he is not stopping to shoot and innovate!

Follow Josh and his blog, and also check out his 24 hour project in Busan.

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Photos by JOSH

7 lessons Josh White Has Taught Me About Street Photography and Life