My first photography book

Fulfill Your Own Curiosity

Dear friend,

A suggestion in life: to life a more fun and interesting life, pursue fulfilling things which you’re personally curious about!

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The worst thing we are told as kids,

“Curiosity killed the cat”.

This is a horrible moral which is embedded into the hearts of children, which discourages them from trying new things, and discovering truth and knowledge for themselves, and according to their own way!

I think societal and technological progress and innovation happens when we pursue the unknown, and things we’re personally curious about. Why?

Well, if you’re curious about something, there’s probably a good (hidden) reason or rationale behind it. And if you’re personally curious about something, you’re going to pursue it with more tenacity, grit, and you won’t give up! Generally whenever we pursue things we’re personally interested in, we’re less likely to give up, because nobody is impelling us to do something but ourselves!

For example, things I’ve pursued that I was personally curious about, and I’m glad that I did:

  1. Working for myself: I was always curious what it was like working for myself, instead of working at a company job, according to the rules and ideas of others. I can say it is awesome, and while working for yourself isn’t for everyone, if you’re interested in what it’s like working for yourself — it’s probably worth you pursuing. You’ll probably be happier! Or you might not. But you’ll never know until you try and attempt it.
  2. Curious about traveling the world, having my work published, having solo exhibitions etc: I’ve accomplished this and I’ve learned many things about myself. I’ve opened up my mind to other cultures, and I’ve gained a more holistic understanding of the world, which has helped me gain some deeper “truth” about humanity which I’ve been able to help with others through my writing. As for getting your work published and solo exhibits; they are nice but so fleeting, and a bit empty. I think having your own works published and having solo exhibitions is a bit overhyped, frankly speaking. It would probably be more fun just having a small exhibition at your local coffee shop and inviting friends over! Because the truth is at art or photography exhibitions nobody is even looking at the artwork. They’re either just chatting, networking, or getting free alcohol.
  3. Personal experiments in living nomadically, not using a phone, deleting Instagram, not using email, etc. All have been positive learning experiences which have helped me innovate more in my life, produce more artwork, and have bigger ambitions and thoughts in life!

To end this essay, ask yourself friend:

What am I curious about in my life?

Pursue what you’re curious about, and do it to learn for yourself; discover some deeper truth about humanity, the world, and gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of yourself! (Know thyself)


Respark your own curiosity in photography and life!

My first photography book

To pre-order our upcoming children’s book, “My first photography book” email Cindy at